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wild & nature cinema

Chris is uniquely qualified to create his brand of documentary photography and filmmaking which informs and creates an emotional connection with wild subjects in extreme conditions. His mission statement is to unleash the power of the still and moving image to help protecting our planet. To work with him please contact Chris on


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Nature Cinema

High-end Filmproduction.

Aerial Images
Aerial drone filming.

Wildlife and wild places are our greatest natural treasures –
priceless and irreplaceable.
— Chris Schmid



Nature Cinema


Chris Schmid Productions is an independent film productions companies founded in 2016. Our mission is to promote and raise awareness around wildlife and nature conservation with a drive to produce films that make a difference. 

Our footage is shot with the latest 5K RED and 4K Sony cameras. We use gimbal systems and they can be attached to cars or boats, delivering breathtaking shake-free film sequences of wildlife action. Often, nature moves too quickly for the human eye to descry — but with our RED 5k camera we can capture every detail of super high-speed action sequences.

The world we capture does justice to the incredible beauty of nature, and is meant to reflect the style and vision of Chris Schmid’ work as a still photographer.


Film Productions



2017-2020 | The African Survivors | in Production

2018 | The Frozen Warriors | Released

2017 | O Homem do Campo | Released




drone filming and photography

Aerial Images

We’re in the business of changing the vision. We are here to help you to create breathtaking video and photo for private, corporate and television and film industry.

We’re using professional drones with stabilized camera gimbal, GPS, failsafe mode equipped with high resolution cameras. We can record full HD and 4K video and takes high resolution photographies. Our goal is to transport our viewers into the wild and show nature in all it beauty creating artistic images that reflect the style and vision of Chris Schmid.